My name is Zach Bergfelt. I am native of Pittsburgh, PA and graduate of Slippery Rock University (BA in Dance). I am active choreographer and fitness instructor based in Manhattan. While at Slippery Rock University I found my passion for teaching movement and my interest in pilates began. My professors always stressed the importance of cross training different methods of exercises to achieve your bodies greatest potential.

Post graduation, I did what every dancer does and moved to the BIG APPLE! I was a successful dancer performing with several different companies as well as showing my own choreography throughout the city. My “survival job” was working the front desk at a pilates studio. Being in that studio and getting the behind the scenes look at how to run a business sparked my interested in creating my own contemporary outlook on pilates. During classes, I was always listening to verbal cues and seeing the tactile touches the instructors were given to help clients succeed in the movements. I fell in love with classical pilates but yearned for more vigorous and contemporary styles.

Three years later I got certified by Mind Your Body studio and PMA teacher trainer Gail Giovanniello. Upon completing my certification it was time to combine my contemporary teaching style with my classical pilates education. My clients were excited to witness the benefits of pilates with the bonus strength and weight training aspects. As soon as I created sequences and curated playlists is when I developed RE-FORMATION BY ZACH.

You can catch my group classes at Equinox and SLT, As well as my on demand series. Private Training is available at request.

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